Built in Broward

A year-long program to break the barrier to affordable technical training and business development for underrepresented minorities in Broward.

Broward County Library
Awarded Libraries Build Business Grant From Google

Broward County Library has received $123,000 from Google through the American Library Association's (ALA) Libraries Build Business Grant to build capacity and expand their programming to small businesses and entrepreneurs from low-income and underrepresented groups.

To host the program, the Broward County Library has partnered with General Assembly, the global leader in skills education, and Black Valley Digital, a minority-owned education and marketing agency, to offer introductory and advanced tech workshops, and quarterly business incubators to help minority solopreneurs and freelancers launch and grow their service-based tech businesses.

Check out the Miami Herald article to learn more.

Program description

The program will run from August 2020 until November 2021.

The Built in Broward project will focus on teaching participants the steps needed to create their own tech businesses.

The project will consist first of quarterly incubation programs, hosted by Black Valley Digital, a minority-owned educational and digital marketing agency. The quarterly incubators will include workshops that teach entrepreneurs to create sustainable freelance business models, price their services, and find clients. The incubator will offer hands-on support with in-person and remote workshops, mentorship, and group coaching calls.

Our programs are geared towards fostering a more supportive community for the solo minority entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners within Broward.

General Assembly, Fast Company's 2019 most innovative company in education, will teach beginning to advanced technical workshops in coding, data analytics, data science, digital marketing, sales, UX design and career development - for free!

The goal of this partnership is to establish a clear pathway into tech through freelance work that grants underserved minorities economic mobility. The ultimate aim of the program is to help build the skilled talent pool in Broward and provide a clear pathway for freelancers to serve startups and business owners in the community.


We are looking for talent in Broward County to support. Apply or nominate a Broward individual for our Freelance Incubator Program so we can get them the support and mentorships they need to grow their business or tech side hustle.

The Freelance Business Development Incubator is a 12-week program that includes a weekly workshop series, mentorship sessions, and a support group that teaches new and seasoned freelancers strategies to take the skills they’ve learned through the Tech skills workshops and transform them into a full-time freelance business or part-time income.

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Thank you

Special thanks to Sheldon Burke, Librarian Senior CSB and Program Coordinator for META Broward. Without him, this iniciative would not have been possible. His commitment to helping the community of Broward County thrive, lead our Library to be rewarded as one of the best proposals in the country.

"Libraries have done much to help bridge the traditional digital divide between those who have computers and internet and those who don't. When I applied for the Libraries Build Business grant, I wanted to empower our library and our community partners with more tools to tackle the 21st century digital divide--lack of representation and opportunities in tech for underrepresented groups. " -Sheldon Burke, 2020

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